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Prompt turn around and friendly service

Prompt turn around and friendly service. Good quality tattoos.

UNSW Open Day

We absolutely loved the quality of the temporary tattoos we've ordered for UNSW Open Day 2016 last weekend! Our students and future students were...

Outstanding Service

Temporary Tattoos Australia is run by an incredible, friendly and generous team who were kind enough to donate tattoos for an event run for...

Great website, friendly service

Great website, friendly service and fast delivery. Thank you very much.

Very efficient processing and delivery

Very efficient processing and delivery.

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Temporary Tattoo Paper

How many sheets are included in each packet?

Our DIY temporary tattoos include the following:
1. One sheet of DIY tattoo paper (to print your designs on)
2. One sheet of adhesive glue (to make the temporary tattoos stick onto the skin)

These two sheets are then actually joined together, after you've printed your designs, to form one sheet.

How do I create temporary tattoos using DIY temporary tattoo paper?

Please download the applicable instructions and important info for your printer type below:
Download Instructions & Important Info For Inkjet Printers
Download Instructions & Important Info For Laser Printers

Can I use DIY Temporary Tattoos if I am pregnant or nursing?

Do not use the tattoo tack or a tattoo made this way if you are pregnant or nursing a baby.

Is the DIY tattoo adhesive safe?

The DIY temporary tattoo adhesive is safe for use on the skin, however some individuals can develop allergic skin reactions even when using medical grade glue. Make sure to use glue in well ventilated areas.

What printer can I use to create DIY temporary tattoos?

We sell two types of DIY temporary tattoo paper: One for inkjet printers, and another one for laser printers. Please make sure to use the paper in the correct printer it was made for.

Can I print large volumes of tattoos using DIY temporary tattoo paper?

Before making temporary tattoos in large quantities or for resale, become familiar with the chemical composition of the copier or printer ink you intend to use. Depending on how many you want to print, it may be safer, easier and more economic to purchase Custom Temporary Tattoos

Free Temporary Tattoo Designs

Red Velvet Girls - Tattoo Designs
Tattoo Letters - Create Names/Words

How To Create Temporary Tattoos Using An Inkjet Printer

How To Create Temporary Tattoos Using A Laser Printer

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