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Id highly recommend this website

For a recent Pimps n Hoes party I purchased a range of sexy tattoos for the wife and I. Very simple and easy to do. Id highly recommend this website.

Thanks heaps Temporary Tattoos

Thanks heaps Temporary Tattoos, we got the tattoos in quick time and you had a great range to choose from. Be recommending you to others.

Very professional communication

Very professional communication & products delivered on time as promised, even with a very small order. Highly commended!

I really like the wide range of tattoos

I really like the wide range of tattoos that are incorporated in your stock as well as the easiness of the application and removal.

Thanks Temporary Tattoos Australia!

Thanks for the timely delivery of your tattoos. It's great that they were all cut up and we didn't have to do it once they arrived! Very colourful...

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Letters: Bajito Onda- Chicano Ole Skool
Letters: Bajito Onda- Chicano Ole Skool
  • ID: 98-Let-00201
  • 31 Units in Stock
  • Size: 150mm x 203mm

Price:   AU $4.00

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Details: Tattoo image is not actual size

Individual Letter Sizes
(Approx. Sizes)

Letter Width Height Letter Width Height
A 16mm 19mm N 16mm 16mm
B 18mm 18mm O 16mm 16.5mm
C 18mm 17.5mm P 11.5mm 16mm
D 16mm 16mm Q 14mm 16.5mm
E 15mm 16mm R 15mm 16mm
F 11.5mm 16mm S 14.5mm 16.5mm
G 17mm 16.5mm T 17mm 16.5mm
H 16mm 16mm U 15.5mm 16.5mm
I 7mm 16mm V 17.5mm 17mm
J 14mm 16mm W 17mm 17mm
K 14mm 16mm X 17mm 16mm
L 15.5mm 16mm Y 13mm 16mm
M 17mm 15.5mm Z 18mm 16mm

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