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Very thorough personal service

Very thorough personal service, including emailing to tell me there would be a delay and letting me know when the product was dispatched.

Thank you for a quick and easy transaction

Temporary tattoos are fantastic they are great communicators and a fast reliable service Thank you for a quick and easy transaction.

Outstanding Service

Temporary Tattoos Australia is run by an incredible, friendly and generous team who were kind enough to donate tattoos for an event run for...

I really like the wide range of tattoos

I really like the wide range of tattoos that are incorporated in your stock as well as the easiness of the application and removal.

Very efficient processing and delivery

Very efficient processing and delivery.

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Letters and Numbers Sassy Black
Letters and Numbers Sassy Black
  • ID: 96-Let-00101
  • 47 Units in Stock
  • Size: 127mm x 178mm

Price:   AU $4.00

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Details: Tattoo image is not actual size

Individual Letter Sizes
(Approx. Sizes)

Letter Width Height Letter Width Height
A 7mm 14.5mm a 6mm 10mm
B 6mm 15mm b 6mm 15mm
C 5.5mm 14.5mm c 4mm 10mm
D 6.5mm 14.5mm d 6mm 14mm
E 6mm 14.5mm e 5.5mm 10mm
F 5mm 14.5mm f 4.5mm 14mm
G 6mm 14.5mm g 6.5mm 12.5mm
H 6mm 14.5mm h 6mm 14.5mm
I 3mm 15mm i 2mm 13.5mm
J 5mm 17mm j 3mm 16mm
K 7mm 14.5mm k 6mm 14mm
L 5mm 14.5mm l 2.5mm 15mm
M 9mm 14.5mm m 8.5mm 10mm
N 7.5mm 14mm n 5.5mm 10mm
O 6.5mm 14.5mm o 5.5mm 9.5mm
P 6mm 15mm p 6.5mm 11.5mm
Q 7mm 15mm q 6mm 12mm
R 7mm 15mm r 5mm 10mm
S 5mm 14.5mm s 4mm 10mm
T 6.5mm 14mm t 4mm 12mm
U 6mm 14mm u 5mm 10mm
V 7.5mm 14mm v 6mm 9mm
W 10mm 14mm w 8mm 9mm
X 8mm 14mm x 6mm 10mm
Y 9mm 15mm y 7mm 12mm
Z 5.5mm 14.5mm z 5.5mm 9mm

Individual Number Sizes
(Approx. Sizes)

Number Width Height Number Width Height
1 4mm 14mm 6 6mm 14mm
2 6mm 14mm 7 6mm 14mm
3 6mm 14mm 8 6.5mm 14mm
4 7mm 14mm 9 6mm 14mm
5 5.5mm 14mm 0 6.5mm 14mm

Individual Symbol Sizes
(Approx. Sizes)

Symbol Width Height
(Heart) 13mm 12mm

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